In this episode the Expansive duo discuss the turbulence we are all going through and how to best navigate it. Not only organisations and countries, but everyone is experiencing a reboot. We have moved from a place of having clarity and confidence in our vision for the future to a place of complete absence of clarity. Without clarity we are using up far more energy and putting in more mental, physical, and psychological effort to try to find our way forward. This is an interesting and frustrating journey – not knowing what the future will look like and how we will get there.

Erik and John offer suggestions for gaining clarity again and understanding who you want to be and what you would like to be doing. They have both launched week-long group coaching programmes to assist with this. The key is to be willing to go deeper into our understanding of ourselves. We must identify what it is that we would like our future to feel like rather than what it will look like. We need to return to the core principles that guide our lives and find a way to give them a new format or mechanism for delivery.

This is a time for becoming willing to experiment. Because we don’t have any certainty or guarantee of anything, we should focus on the concepts that we want to drive towards but be flexible with how to get there.