In this episode the Expansive duo offers practical advice on how to become aware of your current state of transition and implement the systems needed to make the necessary changes to move forward.

All of us have been affected by the global challenges and many of us have seen our original plans and goals dissipate. You now have a decision to make. Do you indulge in your current state? Mourning the loss of your previous plans? Or do you acknowledge the loss, say goodbye, and make new plans for the future?

To successfully do this you must first understand which phase of transition you are in. Transition always starts with an ending, a painful process of letting go, followed by a phase of navigating the unknown wilderness. Here you start to plant new seeds. Finally, this then culminates in a new beginning, where you can start actively moving forward towards a vision for the future.

To further bolster your efforts, you must assess the systems you currently have in place. When you create a system it takes the uncertainty out of the picture. It gives you something to do, even if it’s not perfect.

Goals are important, but don’t just set goals. Create systems. Test them and then iterate.