Did you know NFT sales last year alone generated $25 billion? That’s R370+ billion. This special Expansive Conversations episode breaks down everything you need or want to know about NFTs, while cutting through the noise of what’s hype and what’s real.

We engage with Visual Artist, Photographer, Speaker and Author, Marc-Gregory, who shares an insider’s perspective on the rise of NFTs and blockchain technology. 

Marc explains what NFTs are, how to think about the underlying “crypto” element, and then specifically what forms they take. We address the common myths and misconceptions from “just a JPG” to the idea of true ownership. Marc also provides a quick overview of the current players/ecosystem, and the success stories we can all learn from. 

Expansive Conversations is a series within our show where we bring on experts and industry leaders to host meaningful conversations that relate to how the world is changing and what you can do about it to maximise your own potential.